Outdoor areas council video

Here are the outdoor area council members explaining their vision for the development of the quad. Please have a look and make a comment to tell us your views on their ideas and any ideas that you have of your own!

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  2. I like mine and randolph video because we made a effort in our video.

  3. Fantastic!

    Miss Roche 🙂

  4. Great stuff ladies and gentlemen! I think that some flowers would really help to brighten up our school. I would love to see some new playground equipment. Y3/4 are really enjoying learning lots of different ways to skip with a rope at the moment, so some more ropes might be a nice idea. Miss C x

  5. Mr varn do you no awer video mabe we can get equidment for the qod. from alfadel

  6. good abawt rapsanting
    can you bring rawnd taybl
    from deem

  7. this video is good but they hade some fantastic laod voices to use and
    well thinking about the picturs in the whit baord
    I wish they can do something better than that the video
    they well make a good job.so it can be good to make one with everyone in the video so as they can have fun but they have to do it onley two people….

    by Muhibullah safi

  8. Hi !

    i really like the ideas you have suggested.

    i would like to have a corner in the area were you can sit and have a rest and when you are upset you could just sit there and some-one will know that you are lonely and will come and help you and be your friend!.

    i would wish if you could for people who be late to order a school bus so that they get there learning time, the time they should have 🙂

    Thank you for reading

    Nora Albaradie

  9. I am Ammar and i like to have bus where you can eat ur lunch please it will be a good idea

    i wish to have a trampoline to bounce on.

  10. hi! my name is chloe where is the bus? is it at the bustop or sum where else i like where diffrent people came on by chloe.

  11. Well done to all of you and great video but next time just try to not talk over each other then it will be much better.

    I like the way you all put a effort into it and the way you presented it. I all so liked the drawings.

    I would like flowers.

    My wish would be if you would be able to get a swimming pool for summer or hot days.


  12. I really like the outdoor council nice video everyone

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