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Yesterday saw the first meeting of the ‘outdoor areas council’. This is one of the pupil councils set up to raise the pupil voice in school and give children the opportunity to have their opinions heard. We looked at how we could improve the quad area in the middle of school and the playground areas. The children made maps of what they thought could be put in these areas to improve them and have made videos explaining their ideas. These will be shown to the whole school soon and put on the blogs for all to see their hard work and ideas. In the mean time we would love any ideas from children and parents as to what you believe would make these outdoor areas better. Please leave a commet with some ideas. Thanks!

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  1. Hi

    I really like your video and how you put all of your ideas into a poster.I also like how you put it all into one big video.Your posters were really colourful and bright as well.

    I think it would be really nice if you buy some flowers and then it would make are school be much brighter and then it would stand out.We could also make a nice pond and then put some ducks in them.

    from Courtney

  2. I like the video because it was good

    i would you to get a slide

    i wish we could have a little pool

  3. I like the bit on cowncle video where Alfadel was talkin about the bench part

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